Every morning the hotel will offer a full breakfast buffet, with coffees and Juices.

The lunch will be held, based on the time and the location, either on the road ( some good trattoria is easy to find anywhere), or back at the hotel, beer and wine, water, will be also included.

Dinner ,instead ,will be in different restaurants every night, to experience the real Italian typical cuisine. Beverages are also included with dinner.

P.S. All the beverages out of the meals herein described, ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THE TOUR LISTED PRICE.


If you’re asking what to eat in Sardinia, there are, at least, several dishes that you should eat during your holiday:

  • Malloreddus. Sardinian gnocchi are one of the most traditional dishes in this rich country. And one of the most famous dishes are the “malloreddus alla campidanese”, prepared with sausage, tomato and pecorino.

  • Porchetto or Porcetto. Known with the (wrong) name “porceddu”, it’s a suckling pig, with a weight under 5 kilos or at least of 20 days, cooked for some hours.

  • Culurgioni. They are bran ravioli, usually filled with ricotta and spinaches or cheese.

  • Bottarga. It comes from the dehydrated eggs of tuna or mullet. Eat it on the pasta: it’s a taste you won’t forget.

  • Sa cassola. A typical fish soup of Cagliari. It’s prepared unifying fish of various types with tomato puree and chili pepper.



Every day full Breakfast.

Lunch:( at the hotel or during the rides) with beverages.

Dinner: with beverages, different and typical every other night.