Every day , after the ride, the participant can enjoy the swimming pool ( if open at the hotel), or just visiting the beauty of the city and its surrounding historic places, accompanied by our guide. It is also possible schedule a day trip to Venice, if the majority of the participants will agree.


Sardinia has some of the Mediterranean’s most seductive beaches, yet within tootling distance of some great restaurants, agreeable bars and the soothing evening ritual of the passeggiata.

Mention Sardinia and most people think of the glitz of the Costa Smeralda but there’s plenty more. The Costa Smeralda itself is a tiny strip of coast studded with elite hotels, five-star beaches and Beverly Hills-type shops, but if swish ain’t your thing you’ll also find acres of swimming spots to die for on every coast without the superstar pretensions.

When you’ve had your fill of those, there’s plenty more to divert you: the magnificent rugged landscape of the granite interior, the fabulous seafood and, for history buffs, the strange and evocative remnants of Sardinia’s ancient nuraghic culture, not to mention a scattering of Carthaginian and Roman ruins, Pisan churches and Spanish Baroque.

Among the towns, Cagliari, Sassari and Alghero have most to offer visitors in Sardinia. But you’ll find some of the smaller centres equally or more rewarding: for example Sant’Antioco, an isle off the southwestern coast, Cala Gonone on the east coast, and Castelsardo, on the north coast. And if you can bear to abandon the beaches, you’ll greatly enhance your Sardinian experience by venturing inland to explore the mountainous Barbagia region, south of Nuoro, for an authentic slice of traditional Sard culture.


  • Wine tour and tasting by Sella e Mosca cellar( ½ day);

  • Guided tour of the city of Alghero ( except Museum entrance fees) (1/2 day);

  • Cruise of the famous beach of Sardinia( 1 day).