Every morning the hotel will offer a full breakfast buffet, with coffees and Juices.

The lunch will be held, based on the time and the location, either on the road ( some good trattoria is easy to find anywhere), or back at the hotel, beer and wine, water, will be also included.

Dinner ,instead ,will be in different restaurants every night, to experience the real Italian typical cuisine. Beverages are also included with dinner.

P.S. All the beverages out of the meals herein described, ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THE TOUR LISTED PRICE.


Verona is considered one of the principal wine towns of the Veneto wine region. The food of Verona is simple and hearty to match the robust, fruity wines. Think rice, peas, beans, polenta, and meat. Lots of meats.

Some say that the biggest contribution that the Veronese made to Italian cuisine is the Bollito Misto (mixed boiled meats), often served with a sauce of bone marrow and bread crumbs, called Peará.

Risotto al Tastasal is a sausage-based risotto of ground pork seasoned with salt and lots of pepper.

Risotto all’Amarone gets its flavor from the region’s most powerful wine, Amarone della Valpolicella. It is a red wine made of grapes that are dried for three-to-four months before fermentation. The wine is an intense red with flavors and aromas of dried fruits, tobacco, and dried spices.

Polenta is a traditional side dish of the region. It is served soft and creamy, fresh off the stove or left to cool for half a day, then cut into squares and lightly grilled.

Pandoro is a Veronese cake that is popular the world over during the holiday season. Its name comes from its golden color, a result of numerous egg yolks. It’s made in a star-shape mold and sprinkled with powdered sugar before serving. It is served with different types of creams or sauces, including mascarpone, melted chocolate, or cream



Every day full Breakfast.

Lunch:( at the hotel or during the rides) with beverages.

Dinner: with beverages, different and typical every other night.