Every morning the hotel will offer a full breakfast buffet, with coffees and Juices.

The lunch will be held, based on the time and the location, either on the road ( some good trattoria is easy to find anywhere), or back at the hotel, beer and wine, water, will be also included.

Dinner ,instead ,will be in different restaurants every night, to experience the real Italian typical cuisine. Beverages are also included with dinner.

P.S. All the beverages out of the meals herein described, ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THE TOUR LISTED PRICE.


Bologna is known as "La Grassa" (the Fat One), and this friendly city can stake a strong claim to being at the heart of Italian cuisine. This is the home of fresh pasta, the famous mortadella sausage, and nearby there are the finest producers of Parma ham, Parmigiano cheese, balsamic vinegar. There is no better place in Italy for eating out, and it really is almost impossible here to pay a lot of money for a meal.

Few doubt that Italy’s greatest salumi (a wide variety of hams, sausages, etc.) are at their best in Bologna. For one thing, the city is so famous for its wide sausage that Americans have taken the city name for their version. There it’s called mortadella (and is taken very seriously),in America we call it baloney (and it’s nowhere near as good!).

Few doubt that Bologna features some of the greatest food shopping in Italy, with a conglomeration of amazing stores off of the Piazza Maggiore, on Via Pescherie Vecchie.

And wine-lovers like me are completely sold on the Bolognese approach to abbinamento, or food-and-wine matching; Bologna is the largest city near the production of Emilia’s fabulous dry sparkling reds and whites, which go so brilliantly with Bolognese cuisine.



Every day full Breakfast.

Lunch:( at the hotel or during the rides) with beverages.

Dinner: with beverages, different and typical every other night.